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Business Insurance Specialists Pty Ltd is a network broker of the Steadfast Group. As a Steadfast broker we are able to bring both experience and resources in providing quality service to your insurance programme.

About Steadfast Insurance Brokers

The Steadfast Group is Australia’s largest brokerage network group based on premium volume, and is part of the ASX 200, as one of the largest 200 companies in Australia.

Steadfast Business Insurance

Business Insurance Specialists as a Steadfast broker can provide you backing and support at claim time. We bring in expertise as and when required to assist, to ensure you are paid fairly and promptly.

Business Insurance Specialists commenced operations in 2003 and joined the Steadfast group in 2016 in order to further assist our clients. We have been able to remain as a private firm through this process. Our forte is our speed in our dealings in assisting clients.

Steadfast business policies have been written from a broker’s perspective and do provide benefits that are in excess of the standard policy. Furthermore, the Steadfast business insurance products, and Steadfast Elite Home insurance policies for the personal market are leading insurance products providing competitive pricing and policy benefits.

As a Steadfast broker we can save you money due to the premium volume and resultant buying power of our business and the group. This buying power has become the largest in the marketplace, and with this, insurers provide competitive pricing for our clients.

As part of broker network group, Business Insurance Specialists can reap the benefits to our clients. The Steadfast network has evolved since its inception in 1996, to becoming Australia’s largest general insurance brokerage group. This has occurred due to an overwhelming quality product and service range, in addition to competitive pricing.

With a world that is evolving and rapidly changing, Steadfast has also spent considerably on Research and Development. Their IT systems allow brokers to be at the top of their game and have access to world leading technology.

The benefits to clients are wide and varied. As a broker behind you, we represent you in dealing with insurers. Various products that have been developed considering the needs and requirements of the business insurance and personal insurance markets.

The insurance market has changed considerably from being dominated prior to 2000, by major Australian insurers. These insurers act for their interests and not on behalf of the clients buying insurance. International overseas brokers with their major headquarters overseas with Australia only a minor arm of their overall operations have reduced market share also.

Another major benefit of dealing with us as broker is we reduce your administration time greatly. We ensure that you have an experienced adviser acting on your behalf in your dealings with insurers. As your primary point of contact, when the worst happens also, we can make sure that things happen quickly on your behalf.

Dealing with insurance companies without an understanding of what is expected and fair can be a recipe for disappointment. By having an experienced broker by your side it can greatly help in ensuring your results at claim time are optimal.

Business Insurance Specialists Pty Ltd is a general insurance broker and a private company. As a member of Steadfast (ASX listed) our primary aims are to provide both expert advice and quality service to all our clients.

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We can assist you with obtaining quotes and can help answering any questions for coverage you may have relating to all Steadfast insurance policies including:

If you do have any queries or would like a conversation relating to your insurances, please feel free to call (07) 3139 3900 or Contact Us below.

Steadfast Business Insurance